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What's in a Grandparent name? Everything!

These are the most commonly used names for Grandmother and Grandfather in the United States today:

  • Grandma and Grandpa
  • Granma and Granpa
  • Gramma and Grampa
  • Nana and Papa

However, as more baby boomers become Grandparents, they are turning the tide toward the use of alternative Grandparent names. Today’s Grandparents are choosing their Grandparent names with thoughtfulness and care. Much like they influenced music, parenting styles, the workforce and more, the baby boomer generation is rapidly changing the face…and name…of Grandparenthood.

Consider these popular methods for selecting a Grandparent name:

• Choosing a Grandparent name that honors regional, ethnic, or family tradition
• Waiting to see what the Grandbaby decides when they start to speak
• Asking the Grandbaby’s parents for their opinion
• Inventing a unique Grandparent name

Are you trying to select a Grandparent name for yourself or a Grand? Feel free to reference our list of names for Grandparents. Whether traditional, trendy, or fun, each one of these Grand names means the same thing…love.

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